Over the last few days we’ve been hearing a lot about how security has been stepped up across France for Euro 2016. As a soccer fan in particular this has enraged me. Let’s hope this madness stops. No one deserves to live in fear.


ISIS threaten to attack,
Anything they find good,
The principles they follow,
They’ve misunderstood.


Live and let live,
Is what we should follow,
Everyone has to stand,
Before God, tomorrow.


No one has made them,
The people’s police,
Why don’t they let all,
Live life, with peace?


What good will come,
From ruining a game?
They’re mislead, and,
Want others to be same.


To the Jihadi Johns,
This is my call,
Stop this madness now,
Don’t increase the toll.


To all superpowers,
Watch whom you arm,
They’ll turn around,
And cause you harm.


You’ve poked your nose,
In so many places,
And caused chaos,
Amongst Arab races.


If you want to do good,
Don’t go chasing oil,
Because of your greed,
The rest will toil.


Let’s all make a pact,
To change for the better,
And learn to live,
In harmony together.


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