What does it feel like to be lost?
To be there and not, at the same time,
The world suddenly unimportant,
Each one, not knowing their crime.


While all believe they are correct,
Why do I sit here crushed, broken?
Feeling I have no place with anyone,
I can’t hide, my wounds are open.


People say to speak your mind,
To share what is that I now feel,
But when different is what I share,
I somehow lose all my appeal.


Suck it up, move on, keep on breathing,
I know I’ll soon walk to my grave,
Nothing matters anymore,
To responsibilities and opinions I now cave.


2 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. This is so haunting and sad. Sharing ourselves is often very difficult. This poem embodies that struggle: you are sharing the sadness of opening yourself up to the world. Beautiful.


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