Daily Prompt: Test

Daily Prompt: Test

via Daily Prompt: Test


Isn’t it ironic that my first poetry blog was on teachers, and my first post to Mind Out Loud is on tests 🙂


The topic got me wondering about what tests (or exams) mean. From experience and observation, to some it’s a scary concept and people sit nervously with their books until the teacher walks in the classroom. Sleepless nights precede the “big day” and competition is at its peak! Being a topper is the goal, and anything less than 97% is a disaster. When results are received you question the 2 answers you got wrong, rather than the 28 that were correct.

To others, it’s a “do your best” kinda thing. You know what you know and that’s it. It’s primarily checking that and falling within any percentile is acceptable.

I personally fell in category 1 😦 and was a nervous wreck (until I got my A). This happened all the time!

The question is, what happens to the knowledge that we so eagerly want to prove we have? Honest answer? It falls out of your head unless it’s something you truly care about.

Was it worth it? Maybe..on paper…which will supposedly tell the world who you are (and you know the truth). Hopefully, both are aligned. Personally, I’ve met people who have the paper, but not the knack to back it up.

In the end, I have the same question I started with. Is it as much a big deal as we make it out to be?


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