Your Other Face

Your Other Face

I look deeply, into your eye,
You know you’ve captured, attention my,
I lure you with, a friendly smile,
Most pleasant you’ve seen, in a while.


My words soothe you, in a way,
They essentially, make your day,
I calm you with, a warm embrace,
That leaves in you, no sad trace.


You are certain, to call me friend,
You know this bond, will never end,
Your loyalty to me, forever sworn,
My love from you, cannot be torn.


Until you hear, my words with others,
Your heart in an, instant, shatters,
I broke your friendship’s, only rule,
I played you like a, petty fool.


You silly girl, didn’t know,
I have a face, that I don’t show,
What you see isn’t, what you get,
Get used to it, do not fret.


Do what you can, to get to the top,
Let not emotions, make you stop,
You too learn, to pretend,
That you care, you are a friend.


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