Used To….Now

Used To….Now

I used to be the spark
That’d walk into a room,
Now I keep myself away
Like a dusty old broom.


I used to be the cheer
That’d brighten up a day,
Now people let me be
If you want, stay away!


I used to always have a joke
Wanting to make people smile,
Now if I do it seems strange
I’ve not done it in a while.


I used to talk to everyone
Always pass with an honest hi!
Now I walk the corridors
Occupied in thoughts my.


I used to think I had friends
I know we had some fun,
Now I look around me
It’s no surprise there are none.


I used to goof around with kids
They’d really look out for me,
Now I seem too uptight myself
For a moment of insanity.


I used to love giving hugs
Loving people much so,
Now I think when I die
Those I love wouldn’t know.


I used to think staying strong
Victorious would be my end,
Now I know that I don’t know
How my days I’ll spend.


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