A Reassuring Voice

A Reassuring Voice

This poem is dedicated to a friend who is a source of strength, motivation, inspiration, love, purity (and so  much more that words cannot do justice to).



A reassuring voice

Plays on in my head

Whatever in me bad

It speaks well of it instead


A reassuring voice

Urges me to remain calm

It listens to me vent

Without judgement or qualm


A reassuring voice

In my hours darkest

Speaks the truth politely

Without being biased


A reassuring voice

Inspires in me kindness

When I’m full of rage

Causing everything to mess


A reassuring voice

Reaffirms my belief

There are in the world

People who don’t cause grief


A reassuring voice

Encourages me to trust

From being prone to suspicion

Pushing me to adjust


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