I’m Not Me

I’m Not Me

I was browsing the CNN website and saw the above picture of an 18 year old girl, severely malnourished due the food crisis in the war-torn Yemeni town of Hodeida.  I hope the bullying stops.


I once would have had a life,
Regular is the word, key,
Now, one look in the mirror,
I don’t even see me!


Now priorities have changed,
Unwillingly by duress,
I now worry about food,
Than a gorgeous black dress.


Who knows who will live?
When it’s over who’ll survive?
And if after they’re done,
Will my people ever thrive?


The world we live in today,
Unfortunately allows power,
Under any premise given,
To innocent lives devour.



5 thoughts on “I’m Not Me

  1. It’s hard to find words…
    I wonder how many others have done as I’m doing – stared at the screen, wanting to say something, but not knowing what.
    Please keep doing what you do. Shake us out of our self-pity and complacency.


    1. Thank you Jane. Your words are motivating. I think I felt dumbfounded when I saw that image too! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and my heart was just aching.

      At the same time, I believe there’s nothing such as altruism, and in this act too, there’s some selfish motive of mine that I am unaware of probably.

      But yes, seeing what others go through dwarfs what we seem to be going through in our own lives (at least for some time) 😦

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      1. Oh, yes, that stuff about us doing things for others because it makes us feel good about ourselves. I think it’s more that we do things for others because they need it, and as an offshoot, it makes us feel bad if we don’t.
        That girl must have amazing strength to survive, but my first thought on seeing the image was; even if it was taken yesterday, is she still alive today? And what a cruel way to have life stolen from you.


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