Chocolate Fight

Chocolate Fight

Ok, it wasn’t as bad as the picture depicts, but still 🙂


Today we had chocolates,

At work making rounds.

I was given the onus,

To traverse the grounds.


My task was to simply,

Share them with all.

I hoped to be fair,

But met with a brawl.


I presented them politely,

To the first recipient,

Astonishingly he took three,

In a manner rather blunt.


I had set off with vigor,

Ordering him take one,

Return the rest I instructed,

As if ruining the fun!


Thereafter I met with jokes,

But some actually serious,

They wouldn’t tolerate one,

Being exceptionally delirious.


To be fair on the flip side,

There were some grateful,

For receiving a token,

They behaved respectful.


What surprised me the most,

Is those who took more,

Came to know I missed out,

But didn’t share what they bore.


Instead of feeling ashamed,

Of being ever so keen,

They said it was my fault,

As in my possession it had been.


Yes I had it with me,

I could have taken five,

But putting others first,

Is how I like to thrive.


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