They’re Around

They’re Around

The above image is from this beautifully written article:

I think sometimes people need help, but don’t know how to ask for it, and even when they receive it, they sometimes don’t know how to accept it. But to those who don’t know, it’s never a purposeful, thought out, deliberate choice to struggle with a simple issue: to live or not to live.


People think that ending a life,

Is for people to them unknown.

While all the while they’re around,

People who are emotionally thrown.


Maybe the actor you love to watch,

Maybe the colleague you say hi to,

Maybe the guy cleaning your car,

All individually trying to make do.


You wouldn’t know what happened,

It might even be a terrible shock,

But they were prisoners of mind,

To them all doors had a lock.


Knowing wouldn’t change anything,

It wouldn’t make anyone care,

Each one in reality is to their own,

That is s life’s truest despair.


That’s why people take a chance,

And pour their heart out to strangers,

There is no judgement, repercussion,

It just to deal with, their strength betters.



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