Silent Quake

Silent Quake

There’s a deafening silence

But it’s still too loud

A painful warmth

My chest enshrouds


It starts from the sides

Stabs in the chest

With intensity severe

I forget all rest


I am standing still

But I still shake

I want to give in

To the ensuing quake


I want to collapse

By just letting go

Because what’s coming

I very well know


I need to be still, alone

On the floor, my face

Stretching my hand

In an attempted embrace


Letting free my tears

As they approach

My smooth life

As they rudely encroach


I feel the slide

Of droplets heated

This is now raw

Nothing conceited


That moment the most

Of myself broken

I feel all lights

Around me darken


I can still look

But nothing I see

I can hear naught

Of what’s said to me


I can imagine footsteps

Of people going by

Carefully avoiding me

As I weakly lie


Before I know it

I fall asleep

It’s easy once one

Incessantly weeps


When I then awake

I feel no more

Nothing’s scary

I’m no longer sore


The quake has silenced

All debris faded

The day continues

Just as it started



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