Runaway Resolutions

Runaway Resolutions

We still have time to go before we start thinking about the new year, and what we want to achieve, but I was going through my diary last night and was SO MAD at myself for being in a situation I promised I would never let myself be in again. Reading my entries from 10 months ago, it was the same as I would write now..the same issues, the same hurt, the same EVERYTHING 😦

I guess we all have resolutions that we’ve made and couldn’t stick to, but I guess it’s not too late. After all, we have 53 more days to go, before we close this year’s books.


I’d started off, resolute

Not to let anyone near

I’d been burned enough

To anyone then revere


I’d sealed all loose ends

Of my heart not to feel

Swallowing all affection

Learnt to emotions conceal


I’d learnt to be tough

To fallacies not pay heed

When those loved hurt

My heart wouldn’t bleed


I’d carelessly left a gap

When I did the stitch-up

Situation after the other

I’d feel emotions build-up


I’d let the leak go unnoticed

Overtime it became gaping

I find myself now again

From the same wounds ailing



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