I Wish

I Wish

I wish I could believe you
When I look in your eyes
Instead when you leave
I ask a lot of whys?


I wish you would tell me
That you do not care
Than leave me hopeful
With a lingering stare


I wish you wouldn’t refer
To yourself as my friend
I know it’s not the truth
To pacify me you pretend


I wish I wasn’t frightened
Upon acceptance I’d be lone
From this farcical union
The lid would be blown


I wish I wasn’t angry
Every time I look at you
You force me to pretend
Each time in ways new


I wish I didn’t hate you
Once here there was love
I guess not all relations
Come made from above


I wish you didn’t rob me
Of belief in people again
Moving in and out like wind
You let a hole in me remain


I wish I didn’t wish anything
As that would mean a thought
Your heartlessness upon me
Has again devastation brought


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