Managing Anger

Managing Anger

Today I was reading about anger management techniques…these are just my thoughts.


Counting one to ten,

What is to happen then?

To focus too annoyed,

Before completion I’ve destroyed.


I’ve said a lot, I forgive,

But my heart still misgives,

Like an old elephant,

I can’t forget the incident.


Even amidst distraction,

Obsessed I am a fraction,

About the fact I’m hurt,

Words come out blurt.


Sometimes breaths deep,

Helps me calm keep,

For a moment I forget,

Everything making me fret.


Then we have acceptance,

So I give up resistance,

I start thinking out loud,

Of all things I’m not proud.


Writing, ah, my favourite!

This helps to dissipate,

The venomous feelings,

From which I’m reeling.


When angry be rational,

How is that even possible?

Towards the very source,

They’ll be glad of course!


To exercise I’m lazy,

Maybe that sounds crazy,

But it won’t be done,

I’ll have of it none.


Compassion is divine,

To show it I am fine,

But then I feel bruised,

Once people have me used.


Don’t text or email,

Be patient that entails,

But in my mind I’m writing,

Continuing the fighting.


Yes, I do find being grateful,

Is something that’s helpful,

It makes me feel guilty,

That I’m being so petty.


Immediately don’t speak,

Else havoc it will wreak,

Else fury you’ll spout,

Spreading venom all about.


It is powerful to pray,

Very humbling in a way,

When you confess to God,

That you’re broken and flawed.


So despite all the ways,

Anger with me stays,

I’m not ready to fight,

All anger outright.


6 thoughts on “Managing Anger

      1. Its k Talula you know no offense to anyone but I simply do not like to just like people’s poems cause they write from the heart and it is so nice to give a comment. You are writing so well from the bottom of your heart.


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