Do You Miss Me?

Do You Miss Me?

I was watching the movie ‘Stuck In Love’ over the weekend. When I reached the above scene, the look on Rusty’s face (when he realizes his family is now whole) captured my attention. It took me back to a time when I thought my family would be whole one day. In that moment I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t watch the remaining 1 minute or so of the movie….I had to write….(and cry)!


I thought you would come back,

And we’d be a family whole,

And when you would return,

You’d bring back what you stole.


I defended you by myself,

Held firm in you, my belief,

I thought it’d be worthwhile,

In the end I’d feel relief.


But when I said bye in the car,

One thing I never knew,

That would be the last time,

That daddy, I would see you.


I sometimes think to myself,

Do you ever miss me?

The answer’s obviously no,

As here’s where you’d be.


When in town you meet some,

But ask about me never,

What is it about me so bad,

To our relationship sever?


You brought me in this world,

Me you swore to protect,

But in just fourteen years,

From your life I was eject.


I sit here aching for you,

Now welled up is my stare,

But what is it to you,

You’ve left and don’t even care!



7 thoughts on “Do You Miss Me?

  1. I admire your courage in sharing this raw and emotional piece. Some questions seem not to have answers right now. But someday it’ll make sense. I hope it does for you.Beautiful poetry!


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