I Remember

I Remember

I remember your hair

How it shimmered in the sun

I remember in your company

How I used to be fun


I remember leaving all

Just to be with you

I remember your motivation

Made me feel like, a me new


I remember you I told

How scared I was of love

I remember you responding

We’re alike like a glove


I remember in your presence

How I felt especially loved

I remember when you ignored me

In my face, my love you shoved


I remember our frank talk

About how that made me feel

I remember your acknowledgement

Then on me you’d turn your heel


I remember your indifference

Pushed me to a dark place

I remember thinking you’d return

You just needed some space


I remember you in trouble

I was caring and always there

I remember you in need

Before asking I’d always share


I remember you choosing others

Frequently in place of me

I remember them betraying you

Again a place for me there’d be


I remember you leaving

You promised never to forget

I remember it wasn’t too long

Before I learnt what I regret


I remember you now and whilst

I feel love in my heart

I remember your abandonment

Literally tore me apart


I remember you and recall

My transformation rather gaunt

I remember you like a friend

Like whom I never want



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