I Quit

I Quit

My own response to ‘Let the Games Begin‘:


The illusion of power has now faded,

I return to holding views, of life jaded,

My pristine view of the future, murky,

My heart overcome by a burden, bulky

A familiar tremor I feel in my chest,

Exhausted, I feel defeated at best.

In an unprecedented, manner extreme,

I challenge my tears, to run their stream,

Today after long, I had moments of joy,

Go ahead self, these moments destroy,

But if you dare to, never again me ask,

To for happiness, conduct any task,

I was quiet in my, corner of sorrow,

Never looking forward, to tomorrow,

For what did you pick me, from gloom?

Giving me hope, for few seconds of bloom!

Then fling me again, to a darkened pit,

Iā€™m tired of this game, let me go, I quit!


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