My Bad

My Bad

Sometimes we’re stuck to our belief and are convinced that it is the truth, so much so that we cannot see beyond it. Sometimes we’re just portraying what we wish were true. It’s all a big joke…a big lie.


It took me one look in your direction,

And I finally got it, in my head,

You have never left me,

You’ve been living your life instead.


Our being close, our friendship,

Was all one big illusion,

We are mere acquaintances,

You are not my companion.


I’ve been sad all this while,

In heart accusing you of deception,

The only fault of yours in this,

Was once giving me a reception.


I took that as a hopeful rope,

And clung onto it with life dear,

You have done nothing wrong,

It was my mistake sheer.


Yes you did say you’d be there,

But people say things all the time,

It’s nothing to get cross over,

Not as if you’ve committed a crime.


It’s wrong for me to have expected,

For you to love me, as I do you,

It’s time to move on with my life,

Once again to a fallacy new.


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