My Melancholic Song

My Melancholic Song

Distant, evasive, always hiding,

I realize it’s all from me.

The pain is too much to face,

So I avoid as much can be.


That’s why I eat lunch all alone,

That’s why I can’t speak to you,

It has been building for a while,

In this turmoil, nothing new.


I’m not trying to be difficult,

I’m not arrogant, I’m not mad,

It’s just for the longest of time,

Deep inside I’m very sad.


I’m ashamed of myself eternally,

There’s nothing good in me.

No matter how hard I try,

A rejected being I will be.


I’m tired of being tired all the time,

Of being sad every day,

But then when I am happy,

I seem to run away.


So finally it is that I realize,

About me I don’t know a thing,

So useless it is to anyone else,

My melancholic song to sing.


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