Women’s Day

Women’s Day

I wrote this yesterday in celebration of US! Dedicated to all women out there.


Unlike men yet their equal,

In a caliber quite profound,

As mothers, daughters, sisters,

You’ll find them all around.


To life they first give birth,

Through nurture they sustain,

As the crux of all societies,

Women thus remain.


Through unconditional love,

They make a house a home,

A place that all yearn for,

Once the world they roam.


At the same time eternally,

Made contributions great,

Etching their names in history,

That respect mandate.


From Rosa Parks the activist,

To the Iron Lady Thatcher,

Each in their own right,

Spectacular in stature.


Mother Teresa the selfless,

Malala for education,

Wangari the environmentalist,

Jolie the humanitarian.


The revolting Joan of Arc,

Florence Nightingale the nurse,

Individually made possible,

To incorrect perceptions reverse.


Women, like their counterparts,

Must play a critical role,

To advance all of humanity,

In their evolutionary goal.


Undeniable is their value,

Numerous qualities they possess,

Their contribution to our world,

Words cannot enough stress.


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