Everything Is Fine

I absolve you of all crime,
It was entirely my fault,
I remove the apron of anger,
Without which I can’t revolt.
To blame myself is easier,
For the lack of a better answer,
To give up hope is faster,
Than to believe it could be better.
So everything is fine now,
If you were, be not troubled,
I’m crawling back into my shell,
By me, you won’t be bothered.
With this I remind myself,
To alone always remain,
I’m complicated as it is,
Let me not add to my pain.


6 thoughts on “Everything Is Fine

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope my words could provide you with some reprieve. To me this seems like an ongoing battle, in which I need to keep updating my defence mechanisms. I hope we can survive this…better yet, come out stronger.

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