Unwelcome Lump

Unwelcome Lump

Alas the feeling is back,

The heavy lump in my chest,

It lurks around all day,

Prohibiting me from rest.


It serves as a reminder,

I will soon need to cry,

My own heart I’ll shed,

My own wounds I’ll dry.


Everything is topsy-turvy,

In my heart I’m so sad,

With goodness all around,

Why cannot I be glad?


I hide away in a corner,

I run away from friends,

Then I feel ashamed,

To try to make amends.


A fluent communicator,

I stutter in matters small,

I want to run away,

From things one and all.


A hearty scream just might,

Do me a little good,

Maybe I won’t be desperate,

By strangers to be understood.


Maybe, oh just maybe,

I won’t feel so down,

When I look in the mirror,

I’ll no longer see a frown.


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