Let it Shine

Let it Shine

I find the need to write to myself as of-late I’ve realized how much I hate myself. It scares me as I’m very loving to others. I think I’ve let experiences define me, and hate myself for things even beyond my control. I’ve stopped seeing me for myself, rather I rely heavily on what others think – and it shouldn’t be that way.

So here’s to all of you who feel like me, and just want a break 🙂


Look in the mirror, tell yourself you’re great,

You’ve come so far, tremendous will be your fate,

A heart that feels, isn’t given to all,

You’re blessed with a gift, so darling walk tall!

You’re meant for much more, when you’re told accept,

If your mind tells you different, immediately intercept,

It’ll take you to darkness, that’s not meant for you,

Allow yourself to explore feelings new.

Do not feel guilty when you want to smile,

Don’t think there’s no use, if it has been a while,

Unburden yourself from pressures all,

You don’t have to be perfect in things big or small.

Look deeply in your eyes, accept yourself for who you are,

Be convinced you won’t let, anything in your day mar,

The power you feel in that moment, let it stay with you,

Allow yourself to feel best, it’s about time due.


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