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Short Spurts #55

It’s like I’m in a carnival 

Surrounding brightly dressed 

I’m in the midst screaming 

Bloodied and distressed 

None can see nor hear me

They’re equipped with zest 

I’m on my knees now 

My chest compressed

There’s no point however 

Now if I confessed 

For in any carnival 

There’s only room for best


Short Spurts #42

Out of the blue if I jump 

I know it will upset a few

But I’m stuck in my head

I don’t know what I should do

I swore I would not complain 

To any person around me

It’s hard to not say a word

When I’m sad as can be

I know they love me a lot

But are tired of my whining 

Telling them repeatedly 

That I feel like dying

So now I will not say

That I can control I guess

But when I do decide to jump

I may not say I confess

I’m afraid that having none

Around me to share this pain

Might push me a little further 

As it was my outlet main 

I have nothing against any

All have issues of their own 

Some are strong they can deal

I just feel broken and worn