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Just Say Something

Just Say Something

Get mad at me by yelling,

Express your disapproval,

Pick up the phone to fight,

Communicate the trivial.


If you’re mad, let me know,

If you’re hurt, make me aware,

Awaiting from you something,

At my phone I constantly stare.


Everything that I have done,

For me, has a reason behind,

I still ask myself persistently,

Is there anything you mind?


I answer my own questions,

Try to correct a mistake,

But nothing seems to matter,

Bitterly my head I shake.


I go back in time in my head,

To the start of, I told you so,

You’re not worth anyone’s time,

By now I thought you’d know.


Nothing you’ll ever do,

Will to the world be right,

To please every single one,

My dear, you’re not so bright.


Just let everything go now,

Turn off the lights within,

When you shut everything out,

Somehow light will come in.