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Beach Escape

Beach Escape

The gentle rustling of palm leaves, 

The cool ocean breeze caressing my face, 

A sense of calm overcomes my entirety, 

I am no longer in any race. 

My eyes in love with the variation of blue, 

Against an uneven carpet of white sand, 

I am at total peace with myself, 

In the arms of nature as I stand. 

Birds holding conversations in their own tune, 

The smell of fresh salt in the air, 

Creatures of God crawling about, 

No care in the world, in heart no despair. 

Seated against a fine brown rock, 

Watching tiny waves scuffle on their own, 

Slowly approaching my place in their world, 

Soon I will have to them disown. 

Broken twigs, abandoned seaweeds, 

Scattered on the beach with their stories to tell, 

Oblivious frothy waves come and go, 

They remain as is, in their inanimate lives swell. 

I wait for a wave to kiss my feet, 

And recede as though we’ve never met, 

It leaves in me a longing for more, 

This is now, then was that, 

I lay on soft sand under the bare sky, 

With no clouds above and no man in sight, 

I realize in this moment I don’t need, 

Much in this world to make my day bright! 

Footprints of people that have gone by, 

Is the only semblance of humanity around, 

Peace through nature’s loud silence, 

In my heart, in this moment I have found!