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Short Spurts #20

Everything was going on fine
Until I heard the voices in my head
I wanted to give you a hug
I held back and hugged myself instead

Dear Insecurity

Dear Insecurity

Dear Insecurity

I’m forced to say

You’re blind in your path

Destructive in your way


Your darkened thoughts

Overwhelm your heart

You destroy relations

Even before they start


You’ve chained yourself

Forcing love away

You’re unwelcoming

To any kindness your way


You’re suspicious of

Any gentle gesture

In any situation

Bitterness you fester


You’re wild in vehemence

Quick in temper

You’ll secure your heart

From anything that’ll hamper


Don’t fear so much

And keep me bottled

Don’t leave me void

To love I’m entitled


I’m sick and tired

Of running away

When I’ll find love

I’ll be sure to stay