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Short Spurts #21

How can I tell anyone
All I want to do is cry
Nothing makes sense
In this head of my
I think best to pretend
That all is hunky dory
For the days I cannot
I truly am sorry

Enigmatic Wave

Enigmatic Wave

Can I drown in my own tears?

Can I choke on my sorrow?

Will my heart’s burden lighten?

Will it be better tomorrow?


As I write my eyes well up,

Uncertain of what I feel,

I’m in a world of darkness,

With powered emotions I reel.


It came like a gigantic wave,

Enigmatic strangely though felt,

I lost touch with reality then,

As by darkness I was pelt.


With weakness brought to knees,

Alone I quivered unmanageably,

The calm once again restored,

I was thrust back into reality.


I see gazes around yet silence,

No one seems to want to ask,

In heart I hope that someone does,

Overtly moving from task to task.


I escape to my safe place,

Talk to myself, walk me through,

Finally the warm tears trickle,

That it’s ending, it’s a clue.


Ironically now I can feel,

A numbness overcome,

Like a blanket of silence,

Relieving in a way some.


I still want to lose myself,

Not to think of the pain,

My eyes again well up,

In agony I still remain.