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I’m So Sorry

I’m So Sorry

A colleague of mine committed suicide and I can’t seem to forgive myself for not being able to do anything for him. It breaks my heart to know that he was in so much pain and I couldn’t comfort him. I’m just so sorry…so so sorry.


I need to say I’m sorry
If in any way I let you down
That I didn’t do a thing
When I witnessed your frown

You stood there in the hallway
Looking lost and confused
I wanted to ask if you were fine
But within me I then refused

I feared you’d be embarrassed
I feared I’ll enhance the pain
Now forever in my heart
This grave regret will remain

Maybe my words of comfort
Would have done you some good
Maybe if I had spoken
You would have felt understood

Maybe you wouldn’t have decided
To take your life this way
Maybe I could have extended
With your family your stay

Wherever you are right now
I pray that you’re all right
That you are now at peace
With yourself no longer fight

Short Spurts #11

I cannot tell you enough,

How much for you I care,

I cannot tell you how often,

At our Whatsapp chat box I stare,

I want to ask if you are fine,

I want to know if you feel good,

But an entire message I delete,

Scared of messing up your mood.

What if you were doing well,

And I just brought back all of it?

I wouldn’t forgive myself,

My heart that would badly hit.

What if you want to be left alone,

And I suffocate you with my presence,

I would fear that would diminish,

Our friendship’s pure essence.

So here I am wondering,

Hoping you are fine,

I send across a heartfelt prayer,

Blessing upon you from the Divine.

Demons In Your Head

Demons In Your Head

Although you’ve revealed much,

Be silent in your thought,

The demons in your head,

Can surely not be fought.


You’re terrified within,

You’re shaken deep inside,

Although you’ve said much,

You are still trying to hide.


You still do not have faith,

All love you still question.

Since you hate yourself,

Why’d true be attention?


You know God’s by your side,

But you have given up hope.

How can you attain salvation?

If you have left His rope.


You’ve conceded it’s your fault,

That you do not feel fine,

You need to open your heart,

To let through love divine.


It’s scary, girl I know,

I too live inside that head,

Try to take it step by step,

Don’t be giving up instead.